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I work as a hospitalist physician at Kaiser Permanente. I am also an author, husband, and proud father of two sons. I enjoy travel, history, hiking, and exercise.

If interested in horror novels, please check out my first book entitled The Craving, published April 2021. It’s available online (soft cover or ebook) through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Virtual Bookworm. Can also purchase off the shelf at Bookman in Orange, California. A brief description is provided below, as well as links to Amazon and VBM.

The Craving by [Scott Wojtowich]
Click on illustration to order through Virtual Bookworm, or can order through your favorite book retailer including Amazon/Kindle (below), Barnes & Noble/Nook, and others. It is available in softcover or ebook.

THE CRAVING is a legendary adventure adapted from one of our most beloved children’s tales, Hansel and Gretel. But this is no children’s tale. Set in early fourteenth century Alsace during The Great Famine, when mass suffering and death led many to question their faith, when rampant theft heightened hostility and suspicion, this truly was the breeding ground that gave birth to the legend of the witch.

As Guarin struggles to provide for his two starving children, Han and Greta, they are taken from him by force and led on a perilous journey deep into the forest, eventually arriving at the home of The Lady. Han soon suspects she may be harboring sinister intentions and fears the massive kiln lurking within her cellar has a more nefarious purpose: to satisfy some mysterious, inhuman craving building within her.

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