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Indiana and Big Bear Cabin

I’ll end this memoir with some stories involving my whole family, which kind of brings this all back full circle. Of all the vacations we have taken, the one constant travel tradition we try to keep almost every year is to my hometown in Munster, Indiana for the week of Father’s Day. My parents alwaysContinue reading “Indiana and Big Bear Cabin”

Idaho rafting trip

First off, I want to reassure my audience that my stupidity is still going strong. For our vacation this summer, we decided to go to Riviera Maya, south of Cancun, to check out Chichen Itza and some of the eco/water parks that feature underground kayaking through water caves, amphibious four-wheelers, zip lines, and other coolContinue reading “Idaho rafting trip”

Father’s Day Canoe Trip

For the summer of 2017, I was the victim to two entirely separate river disasters. I’ll save the second river story for next time; the first took place on Father’s Day weekend. Rob arranged a trip for the three Wojo brothers and our dad to drive down to Kentucky to see some historical sites fromContinue reading “Father’s Day Canoe Trip”

European Vacation

I want to thank all of you for following my blog over past few months. Whether you read them all or just checked out a few, I truly hope you enjoyed them. I do believe it’s important not to take life too seriously or dwell on our mistakes, even if they involve our precious children.Continue reading “European Vacation”


These are my sentimental favorite stories from my parenting years. Beginning with a series of bone-headed missteps that reach near epic proportions, I finally earn a bit of success and redemption. Based on my good memories of Easter as a child, I looked forward to carrying on the tradition for my kids. Every year, weContinue reading “Holidays”